My Very First Post!

Welcome everyone to the first post of Reading in Wonderland! I’m so grateful you’ve stopped by my tiny corner of the world wide web! Firstly, a little about myself…my name is Whitley and I love books, knitting, cooking, and telling you every little detail about it. I’m an engineer and a huge nerd; and though I’m not a teacher, a bookseller, or a writer I’m excited to share my adventures in reading and writing – but mostly reading – with you!

So what made me want to share with you lovely readers and future followers? Though my family, friends, and amazing bf loveall of the book recommendations and pictures of food and craft projects, they’re getting a little tired of it. My phone storage is also getting a little full due to those pics and I don’t see myself sitting down with my future grandchildren one day to lovingly flip through a scrapbook full of pictures of dishes I made, crafts I crafted, or books I read; that’s just weird. So I thought I would document it in real time (or pretty darn close). It will also be a motivation for clearing out the pile of half-finished craft projects and To Be Read books I have laying around begging for attention.

The primary focus of this blog will be books, books, and, you guessed it, more books. I primarily read science fiction/fantasy (adult and YA) and comic books/graphic novels (and no I will not be debating the vs. battle between the two terms, I will be using them interchangeably – po-tay-to/po-tah-to, fiction/literary fiction, they’re all the same) with the occasional venture down the chick lit (ugh, can we please find a new term for this?), mystery, and romance alleys.

With that said, there will also probably be crafting posts, food pics with recipe references, and in general personal what’s-up-with-me type posts. I look forward to hearing your perspective and will try to respond to comments as I can.

Please bear with me as I figure this whole blog thing out…

Welcome again, and enjoy!

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